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Essay subject?

Hi, i'm in desprate needed of a good starting subject for an informative essay .. please help.. thank you so much ..

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  1. Geat says:

    Volcanology; effects of global warming and is it real or just normal weather cycling; how the current Avian flu compares to the epidemic of 1918 and how the 1918 epidemic affected World War II; how Korea and Vietnam compares to the Gulf War, reasons for involvement and the means by which we got out then and can get out in the present day, what we learned from Korea and Vietnam what was or wasn’t applied in the Gulf War. Why so much controversy over the death of JFK after nearly 45 years. Animal husbandry and breeding to enhance certain characteristics and how developments can affect different species (large breasts on turkeys making it impossible for them to breed naturally, etc.). Are we getting secondary growth hormones through the milk and foods that we eat and is that having an affect on the rapid increase in height of the last few generations or is it all REALLY from good nutrition. Just because the FDA approves a product, is it really safe? Possible hazards of abortion, how abortions are performed.

  2. charadrioid says:

    tiananmen square protests

  3. rixatrix says:

    Try going to [external link] helped me out alot!As a personal idea, I’d do something like animal testing or stop killing the enviornment because there is a LOT of information about these topics online.Anyway, good luck on your essay, I hope you get a good grade!

  4. blushed says:

    Teenage pregnancy is a great topic. Drugs? that might help;.

  5. lavers says:

    How to….cook somethingtake good notes in classraise money for charitiesraise awareness about drugs/binge drinking/teenage pregnanciestake care of a certain pet

  6. poulterer says:

    teen pregnancy