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Need help on essay……?

.can anyone please give me a good topic on an argumentation/persuasion essay? i can do thesis statements but i just dont know of what to write about....please help id really appreciate it thank you very much....10 points guaranteed for the best one. thanks alot

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  1. consisted says:

    child obesityorglobal warmingthey r goodgood luck!

  2. arain says:

    How the CIA invented AIDS

  3. decode says:

    Gay MarriageDeath PenaltyWar

  4. ERDA says:

    normally, “whether teenagers should be given absolute independence or pocket money” can be an argumentative topic. or, “the real trouble today is that we do not enjoy our work”, “technology- a bane or a boon”, “should career be more important than family life?” you know something like that…….hope i could help!

  5. unerroneous says:

    argue for or against:-a political position (such as liberalism or conservatism)-stem cell research-abortion-gay marriage-the importance of contraceptives-animal rights-recycling-alternative energies-health care reform-war-alternative fuels-obesity-the effect of the media

  6. dulwilly says:

    global warming

  7. unwitted says:

    Think about school, thats what i do~Like going on a school trip.Arguing that the toilets are always digusting(Well they are in our school)Money in school lunch is it too expensive. Is the food rubbish.Or think of something like the environment. Persuade people to save a certain species that are in danger because we are destroying their environment.Or an acheolodgy dig!There are loads and loads of things you just have to think about your modern life (:Hope this helps.