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Wesleyan Uni., Middletown, Conn?

Anybody here go to it? What do you like/dislike about it? I reaallllyyy want to go, but I am very unsure about being accepted. I'm applying Early Decision, 3.726 gpa(unweighted, weighted is probably around 4.013), top11% in HS, 4 years of tennis and key club, two in a freshmen mentoring program, two in math team/club, 1 in spanish honor society (it wasn't *official* until last year, over 100 hours volunteeer work, starting to volunteer at humane society, week long mock gov. program (badger girls) that about only 730 girls from the state go to, 30 on my ACT, from wisconsin (they take geographical location into consideration), white, female, two aps junior year, 5 senior year and a community college course in philosophy, honors courses in everything possiblei come from a very, very, white community and really want to go to wesleyan becuase of its extremely diverse student body! (i'm hoping to base my personal essay around diversity)ahhh :

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