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Essay on 3 stories by edgar allen poe, help please(:?

i have to find a word that describes The Raven, The Tell Tale Heart, and The Pit and The Pendulum.then explain how my word explains his style in each of the storiesthanks :)

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  1. untemptably says:

    You could use “tension”, or “apprehension”. In all three stories, there is a slow build up of fear, an anticipation of some dreaded event. As is so often the case in real life, waiting for something horrible to happen is way more horrible than when it finally happens. You can go crazay as you anticipate the worst.hope this helps, Poe kind of rules. Good luck.

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    the raven easy- a hawk that learns hogging porn is way better then selling ittell tale heart- if you bury a heart your gonna have to have two so you can eat one of them’pendulum- the party was really bad cause the ghots came in and wrecked the party!