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Help on an essay at school…?

i need help with an essay for school. i have to do a compare and contrast with two books ....the outsiders and where the red fern grows. im comparing two characters and contrasting them. they r ponyboy(outsiders) and billy (wtrfg)...help me with ideas on how to compare and contrast them and a thesis statement. thxs!:)

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  1. Stan says:

    The outsiders is a compare from where the red fern grows because the outsiders has to do with outside, so does where the red fern grows.haha stupid i know.

  2. mcdermo says:

    Take a pencil and paper. And draw two circles like this [external link] …In the middle write whats similar, and on the outside write things only about that character. This is hard to explain so I’ll show you what a finished one looks like: [external link] …See? It helps get your ideas down so you can turn them into sentences.HOPE I HELPED! GOOD LUCK!