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Help with practice college essay?

For school i am to type up a 500 word essay to get me ready to submit an essay to college. I looked at many college essays on the internet, and They almost all start subtlety or with a quote, following with some life-changing event. I thought and brainstormed for quite awhile, and ive come up with nothing exceptional in my dull life. can someone help me start off my essay? I need some lies just to satisfy my teacher. I want to work in the medical field, but I couldnt find many examp essays on that subject...

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  1. semilocular says:

    Write an essay with examples about what is inspiring you to go into the medical field, or any examples in your life that lead you to think you’d be good at it.

  2. adenophthalmia says:

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. You don’t want others to tell you about you. You don’t want others to do your practice exam. Your teacher is trying to help you get accepted by a college, a seemingly impossible task from where I’m sitting. NO ONE wants to be the patient of someone who asked others to help him lie so one day he could have any input to their health care. Here’s an essay topic for you: How to Cheat Your Way Through High School, College, and Medical Training so You Can Kill Someone When the Y!Answer About the X-Ray, Endoscopy, or Medical History Is Wrong and You Couldn’t Write a Correct Short Paragraph in the First Place. You can begin it with: One day, I discovered the Yahoo!Answers website and never had to do another school assignment again.Mein Gott im Himmel

  3. squanderers says:

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