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How to write a really-nice essay?

Essay should be three-five paragraphs depending on your thesis. IntroductionIntroduce the topicDescriptionThesis and Thesis reasons (usually three)First paragraphDescribe First Thesis ReasonSupportSupportSecond Body Paragraph Describe Second Thesis ReasonSupport SupportThird Body ParagraphDescribe Third Thesis ReasonSupport Support ConclusionReview TopicReview ThesisReview Thesis ReasonAdd a nice finish, explaining why this topic is important. Quotes are good too, for support. Good luck!

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  1. abiogenetically says:

    I like Tina’s answer. Other tips:(1) Plan it first – write your key messages in note form and then STICK to them as you pad it out.(2) Use Beginning Middle End structure, which means:- tell them what you’re going to say- say it- tell them what you’ve said(3) visit [external link] for the post modern essay generator – just reload for a new essay

  2. eulogiums says:

    Know the structure of one first.Introductory Paragraph MotivatorThesis Sentence First Body Paragraph Topic Sentence Specific Support Specific Support Specific Support Second Body Paragraph Topic Sentence Specific Support Specific Support Specific Support Third Body Paragraph Topic Sentence Specific Support Specific Support Specific Support Concluding Paragraph Reworded Thesis Clincher

  3. plung'd says:

    Complex question but one that could have easily been answered by google. Here are some links of pages you should read:

  4. haggister says:

    Brainstorm on what you want to write about. Then write an outline to organize your thoughts. After that, you should have a good basis and any changes made, won’t seem like you’re thinking in many directions. Good luck…If it’s on a topic that requires research, grab important ideas, but don’t spend too much time reading one thing otherwise you may get caught up using the other person’s words.