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Need help on coming up with a story ‘in Ancient Greece’! HELP!?

So, my teacher assigned me a essay that is already late. . .. It has to take place in ancient Greece, And it has to explain a natural phenomenon or teach a moral or lesson.. It has to be 1 1/2 to 2 pages in length!Any ideas? I REALLY wanted the beginning paragraph to start with,"All hail the three sisters!" the Kingdom roared.What do you think about having something like 'Don't trust someone you don't know'. Could this be taught as a lesson or something? Any Ideas? I wanted this story to be VERY VERY interesting.My characters I was thinking about putting in:.*Konohana (The 'pirate' empress (A.K.A, the Leader), also the oldest of the three sisters, her power is turning people to stone, and being an empress of the 'Echo' Islands.*Zivexa (Middle sister, approximately 14 years old, her power is wisdom, and uses a bow and arrow. She is middle Princess.)*Atisue (Youngest sister, about 13 years old, her power is to read peoples emotions (Not minds!) She uses a staff. Her staff heals people. She is heard as the wolf princess because she has one wolf hand (Paw)).Please help me come up with a good moral or lesson, or a natural phenomenon! I need help! This has to be turned in Thursday!

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  1. nonmalignant says:

    Play upon teamwork as a lesson, since you have three sisters and they seem to be some sort of team. The natural phenomenon could be anything really. Maybe a volcano or earthquake and make the people think it’s one of their gods like Zues or Apollo.Teamwork as a lesson is simple. Sometimes you can’t do it by yourself, or sometimes you must help someone who needs it, whatever. Polish that up and you got a lesson/moral. It all ties in with the three sisters thing, which is an idea you already have.Edit: I’d do a flood for the natural phenomenon (or tsunami) because Poseidon is my favorite :)