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Reality vs. virtual reality, what are the pros & cons? do you prefer to socialize online or offline? why?

hi im doing an essay based on reality vs. virtual reality,i want opinions on what you think, pros and cons, should the life in virtual reality (internet) be taken seriously?do you behave differently online/offline? why? (e.g. do you act like yourself or act completely different? which includes pretending to be a girl when you are actually a boy) is it easier to keep in touch with people online/offline?do you tend to meet people online and meet them in person or meet the person first before going online with them?overall which reality do you prefer? and why?thanks

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  1. indulged says:

    Online is fun because there aren’t much consequences.

  2. shaevel says:

    A friend and I were bored one day, and ended up on msn to mutual acquaintances from our school. Due to the fact that we were in different friendship groups, I didn’t really know her friends that well but we all got talking. Quickly, we became good friends online, and when school came around we were friends at school too (our groups have since merged). My point in telling this story is that though there are definite cons to the virtual world, it doesn’t have to be completely separate from reality. My friends and I continue where we left off, whether that be online or in real life. Other than that point, I believe that people should not be losing all their social skills by talking to strangers all the time on the internet – which can be damaging anyway. On the other hand, the internet does allow you a place to be completely different… which can be good or bad.

  3. infragular says:

    online cause u can be who u really r on line and ppl cant do anything about it

  4. mypicth says:

    Online where people don’t judge you by your looks.

  5. conticent says:

    a bit of both, when you have the time you go out but when you can’t you just use the internet for convenience.

  6. epitheca says:

    I left an answer on your other question about his too, but I see what you are asking better now.I find that the regular “text” format is quite limiting. It is hard to adequately convey your meanings sometimes in the online social arena. Your emotions, humor, sarcasm, condescension, playfulness, etc are often times missed. I know there are audio/visual formats for “chatting”, but then the deception factor is exactly the same as in the real world. A person can lie strait to you face in a computer OR in real life and you not know it.The only difference is you can’t “touch” the person.

  7. jackety says:

    people are people you meet them you either like them or hate them.

  8. prestia says:

    Real life…I dont even like talkin on the phone…My average phone call goes like this “Hello?” “Hey…whatchu doooin?” “Nothing”"Im comming over…click”I like Y!A…but thats not technically meeting people online…I dont do the Myspace, chatrooms, or anything like that.I am always consistantly me…no matter what…I dont know how to be fake really…It never works…Its easier for me to keep in touch with people face to face because the people I enjoy are the same as me…face to face types. I never meet anyone online and then meet them in person…thats stupid to me.Online life should be taken seriously though. Whats stupid to me…may not be stupid to the next person…even though I can’t get over how non-social those people must be…I mean seriously…you are worried about someone judging you? You would actually pretend to be someone you aren’t, not even thinking about when you’re gonna meet this other person? You dont know who they are or what they do, really…they could hurt you and no one knows who they are because most people wont even tell you they are going to meet someone off the internet…Its not about who YOU are…its about who you associate yourself with. I could be wrong…but thats just how I feel

  9. undrest says:

    I actually prefer online because u form relationships with people based on your mind not physcical appearance. I do meet people online then in real life.

  10. unsupervised says:

    i prefer the virtual reality because it takes away the awkwardness i act like my self i say what i would normally say but it is just alot easier to talk to someone and get to know them online im not one of the weird people who shun social interaction i love people and they tend to like me but in the early stages of a friendship i prefer the internet it is much easier to keep in touch through the web . my online friends tend to stay just that. online. i find i can confide in my virtual friends more than i can with the real ones cause you dont feel like they will judge you so much as a person will face to face

  11. arbanas says:

    Online. You can be whoever you want and can change your friends, life, and style everyday without people able to say a thing. They can’t make fun of anything about you because they don’t know who you really are.