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Controversial essay/speech ideas?

We need to write a 1000 word speech essay thing for English and I wanted to make mine really controversial. Not on abortion or anything like that, something really unique that will shock them. Either that, or I wanted to write something from the view of a Hogwarts student. Harry Potter is like, one of the only things I could write about for 1000 words. Something like 'Did Dumbledore raise Harry for slaughter' or 'The abolishment of Slytherin.' I guess I just need ideas..

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  1. repouso says:

    Polygamy (or Polyandry)We should have allowed the Confederacy to stand.Repeal the Second Amendment (guns)Make prostitution legalMake drugs legalLower the allowable age of marriageAllow Sharia lawIf Jesus is God (Trinity, you know), he was therefore all-knowing and all-powerful, so why was the crucifixion such a big deal?Isn’t Christianity actually a multiple-god religion?

  2. slipperinesses says:

    I would stick to current, relative topics if you wish to receive best marks from your teacher.You mentioned abortion, but that, of course, is a VERY controversial issue. Too much, maybe, for a school project. But, you can do something related. How about “Teen baby culture?” Discuss MTV idolizing teen pregnancy? Why don’t you discuss questions like “Why do we have to take a test to drive a car, but bringing a person into this world is considered a right and not a privilege?”And what is cool, you can discuss this no matter what your opinion is. Either pro or con, you can present an interesting, prevalent, worth-while topic that will certainly stir up some controversy.