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I have to write an essay on “Why I like to read books”? Pl send some good reading material?

First of all, you should like to read books. If you do, you need not get materials for writing an essay on that. You can say why you like to read books. If you have no habit of reading books, then whatever you might write, based on we say or on the basis of some reading material, that will be untrue. You essay will be a hallow and insincere one. Think over. For writing such essays,it is always better to rely on ones own experience. You may, of course, seek help from others, as to the manner of writing the essay.

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  1. Bersiamite says:

    Reading can be such a great pleasure – it’s one of those pasttimes you can completely lose yourself in. When I was much younger, it was adventure stories such as Enid Blyton’s Famous Five books, nowadays it’s anything from Mark Haddon to Pat Barker to Alan Hollinghurst. Obviously it’s a question of personal taste, but I think Pat Barker’s Regeneration trilogy is excellent – three novels based around the First World War. Good luck with the essay!

  2. preksin says:

    All the very best for your trial. Regarding the title, there are a few materials that would help. Francis Bacon’s essay “Of Studies” and Robert Southey’s poem “Of Books” may help you.It would be better when essays give your own views.

  3. fontiss says:

    Okay, first of all, do you like to read books? It doesn’t sound like the answer is yes. In fact, your question reminds me of a typical conversation with my eleven year old: “Mom, I have to do a report on Thomas Jefferson, and it’s due tomorrow.” Okay, I say, I’ll print out some materials about him from the internet for you to read. I hand the child a reasonable amount of information, enough for a fifth grade report. His reply, “You mean I have to READ all of this? This will take FOREVER. Can’t you just TELL me about him?” Maybe you’d be better off writing your essay from a brutally honest reference point: “I don’t like to read books — and this is why.” Not everyone likes to read — but until you’re done with school, you’ll nevertheless have to find a way to muddle through quite a bit of it. Good luck to you!

  4. contabescence says:

    How to Write a Book ReviewThese links are essentially the same, just choose the one that makes the most sense to you..!The book report you write should be four paragraphs long. Remember to use correct conventions (margins, indent paragraphs, capitalization, punctuation etc.) [external link] … [external link] …How to Write a Book Report (Upper Elementary School level) [external link] …How to Write a Book Report (Middle and High School level.) [external link] …Book Reports and Summaries [external link] …Good luck.Kevin, Liverpool, England.