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I need help! I must get this essay down 200 words! It has 1005 and must have less than 750! Idk where 2 cut?

This review is simulation 16.2h in OWLS and a review of how the simulation works when you change variables. It is also what I found in the simulation to be positives and what I would to be its downfalls. I wanted to see how the number of molecules of reactants and product changes with time. I set the volume to maximum, temperature to high, the equilibrium constant K=1, and the number of spheres 30.In the beginning the reaction started with 30,blue spheres after pressing play the blue molecules began decreasing and the red began increasing. They reached a median where the numbers of red and blue molecules stayed between 10-16 molecules each. No one color is usually more that 1 more than the other. The relative value of K made a huge difference in the reaction. In my first reaction K was equal to 1. In the beginning the reaction started out with 30 blue spheres, after pressing play the blue molecules began decreasing and the red began increasing. They reach a median where the numbers of red and blue molecules stayed between 10-16 molecules each. No one color was usually more that 1 more than the other. When I reset the reaction to K > 1 and pressed play the concentration of each color started out like the first reaction, but the number of red molecules never got above 10 and the number of blue molecules never got below 20. The different values of K show a great or lesser span in number of molecules of each. In other word a larger K leads to more blue spheres, a smaller K leads to more red spheres, and when K= 1 the concentrations were close to equal. To figure out when equilibrium is reached concentration of both the red and blue molecules become equal. When K=1 the reaction goes to equilibrium very fast yet if you change temperature from high to low the reaction will take longer to reach equilibrium. In this simulation I didn’t see that molecules of the product and reactant stopped reacting. In equilibrium neither forward or reverse reaction ever stops. After the reaction reached equilibrium it restarted, but still stayed within 1-2 numbers of equilibrium concentration. Each change in the simulation: volume, concentration, and temperature all have an effect on the results of the simulation. If you start the temperature on high at K >1, maximum volume, and a concentration of 30 molecules you find that to concentration of blue molecules quickly decrease and the molecules of red quickly increase after pressing start. Now if I change the temperature to low under the same conditions it takes the concentration of blue molecules longer to decrease and the concentration of red molecules longer to increase. This is based on simple kinetics, increasing the temperature increases speed of reaction and speeds up the reaction reaching equilibrium and reverse for low temps. When changing the volume, the concentration should change, but in the simulation it doesn’t. The larger volume does speed up the reaction, but not enough to say there is a change. The changed volume shouldn’t change the ratio of products:reactants. The change in concentration does affect the rate of reaction, at large volume and large concentration the reaction will reach equilibrium quickly. At lower concentration and lower volume it will take longer for the reaction to reach equilibrium, but it will happen. The concentration does not affect the value of K only a catalyst can do that in all cases. The change of K greatly affects the equilibrium of the reaction, but only in rate and only when a catalyst is present. Changing the K can either speed up or slow down the rate of reaction. K is the equilibrium CONSTSNT so this will not change the number of molecules at equilibrium, only how fast it get there. Temperature and volume make huge differences in the value of K. When playing with the simulation I set the variable to K>1 with high volume and temperature. I found there to be a fast drop when the reaction starts and reached equilibrium fairly quickly. When I change the volume and temperature to low the reaction didn’t come to equilibrium as fast and wouldn’t stay in equilibrium long. In this reaction I did see noticeable differences in K value by changing the volume and temperature. Next I set K<1 and saw how it reacted to volume and temperature change. When the volume and temperature was high there were a fast decrease in blue molecules and a fast increase in red molecules, the red molecules stayed between 20-25 and the blue molecules stayed between 6-11 for a long time. The reaction took more time to reach equilibrium. When I have low volume and temperature the reaction reached equilibrium fairly fast and when it was not at equilibrium the red and blue molecules were never greater than 2 of the other, and then it would quickly go back to equilibrium. In this reaction I also found that there was apparentchanges in the value of K. I believe this simulation helps students with the Le Chatelier's principles. In class we are told h

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