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Julius Caesar, Brutus, Cassius, or Antony comparisons?

I need to write an essay that compares any of these 4 tragic heroes from The Tragedy of Julius Caesar to any leader (doesn't have to be a political leader) just basically any leader (from the last 100 years) that relates to a character's tragic flaw. I only need to choose one character to write about and am having trouble coming up with ideas. Help?P.S. the leader absolutely HAS to be from the past 100 years only, or a current leader. also, i was thinking about comparing Rasputin to Caesar.. sound like a good idea?

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  1. enjewel says:

    google it

  2. mouthpart says:

    Don’t compare Rasputin to Caesar. You’re thinking of the Myth of Rasputin. Check out the reality, based on 15 years of research. He wasn’t a bad guy but the aristocracy hated him and made him out to be evil. He was, actually, quite a humanitarian, although the poor and disenfranchised people he helped were hated by the aristocracy, so they discredited him for it.See [external link] [external link]