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A seperate peace!?

okay I have to write an essay on A Seperate Peace by John Knowles. The essay question is this:Although the boys at Devon never actually see World War II (except for Leper) they feel the effects of it every day and engage in their own personal, private wars. Considering the setting of the novel, in what ways is Gene fighting his own personal, private war?Can anyone help me write an introduction paragraph to that? Or at least a clear thesis statement? I'm going to write about how he challenged himself on academics, sport, and had to battle his guilt about Finny. Can anyone help please?

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  1. coheres says:

    Love this book – have read it many timesThough he never directly sees WWII, Gene fights his own personal, private war internally as he deals with feelings of inadequacy and guilt when comparing himself to his best friend, Finny.