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Poll: What is one thing you believe is wrong with the world (or part of it)?

I'm writing a one page essay about one thing that's wrong with the world (or part of it).What's one thing you believe is wrong with part of the world, and why?Thanks.

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  1. cocaptain says:

    the main most general problem is disconnection from eachother. we as human beings need to be a lot closer to eachother. also another big one that stems from not being close is trying to be right. its the biggest form of closed mindedness. everyone needs to turn their egos down a couple of notches

  2. healthless says:

    Defiantly bullying and not having the respect other people deserve.

  3. balneatory says:

    Child Abuse and NeglectAnimal Abuse and NeglectBullying for various reasonsREALITY TV – The root of total dysfunction….

  4. impropriator says:

    religionit causes wars

  5. cnidosis says:

    The divorce courts are horribly unfair to men, I mean come on this is the 21st century why does alimony even still exist?

  6. quadadd says:

    One thing that list is extensive. The hate,the judgementalness of so many,just turn on the news,you will be writing forever.

  7. differentiate says:

    the misuse of Religion and the rejection of Sciencebecause that slows down growth and peace on earth

  8. commissionship says:

    In Africa and other places they train little children to use guns. During the wars the little ones would shoot and they would be the ones to die from the bullet. I think this is wrong because they haven’t lived out there lives yet, they are usually stolen, and in training they have to shoot their friends and do it again until they do not cry.

  9. pervasion says:

    It’s you job to think of it lolBut ok id say it’s, war.

  10. discerns says:

    Not enough money. Money is not the root of all evil, the lack of money is.

  11. ssimpso says:

    Cruelty. Look at how so many animals get treated, how many people get treated, little children, everyone.

  12. AL-OUDA says:

    Lack of a good cookie dough recipe without raw eggs. That I can find, anyway. However, in a more serious tone, I think it’s the greedy corporations and the economy. At least in America.

  13. emacs says:

    i don’t know

  14. remade says:

    Superficial. This world has girls believing from young ages they have to bev skinny nd dye their hair n act like whores. This world has a fake image of beaury and it is hard being a girl these days.. u kno ppl sent me random msgs saying I’m not pretty enuf to b stuck up…for no reason ! But its clearly cuz they’re jealous ,Never met them..nothin. ppl r too brainwashed by the media. That’s the problem. The media will do nething to get in ur head to make money off u . The worlds in total debt nd we as citizens are paying for it. So that’s two things.

  15. florists says:

    The IDIOTS that run it! (into the ground) :(

  16. loppet says:

    People! Some of us are so rude, cruel and selfish…if more people would be nicer, the world would be just a bit better