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What are the major controversial issues of 2010?

I'm doing an essay on current controversial issues and need some help finding some current issues of 2010. Websites and answers are greatly appreciated!

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  1. ophthalmoplasty says:

    Gay marriageNuclear weaponsFather’s rights Vs Abortion rights.

  2. encaged says:

    Racism, Religionism, Free Speech, Abortion, etc.Basically the same crap thats been around since the 70s.

  3. lashkars says:

    I think the most controversial is the New York Ground 0 Victory Mosque. You can find information on this at [external link] .The new Arizona law that enabled State law enforcement to ask for a driver who broke the law for their green card if they didn’t have a valid drivers license..The Government sued Arizona saying they didn’t have a right to ask if people prove their citizenship here in the USA, if they broke the law & didn’t have other ID.Then there is the continual controversial issue about what the definition of marriage is. Whether it should be changed to include same sex marriages. It has always been defined as a Covenant between one man & one woman.Then there is the controversial issue of whether we should have Christian expression in any Government or State buildings or schools… Stating separation of Church & State.But at the same time, their is the controversial issue that separation of Church & State doesn’t mean separation of Mosque & State. Probably because Islam is a political, sharia law, religion marriage. So Islam is also the Political Rule of the State also. So Islam doesn’t allow for other religions in politics or sharia law.Also the issue with Iran and them going nuklear when they supply Hamas and Hezbollah with weapons.The controversy is whether this is Israel’s fault or not. Since Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map. And their religion tells them that they need to take over Israel & th e world to usher in their Calephate & Mahdi & Islam then rules the world.

  4. athenaeum says:

    gay marriagethe ground zero mosque

  5. trajere says:

    Repeal of DADTSigning into Law Obama Care, Wall Street Reform Education ReformThe Realities of Suicide and Bullying all done by Puritan TheocratsWhatever the Republicans have in Mind Democrats will Expose the Ugly Truth about the Far Right vote Democrat and not Vote Republican If you want Justice

  6. lisenby says:

    US strategy in Afghanistan is the biggest real issue we are facing.Good start here. [external link] … [external link]

  7. postures says:

    Federal trials of terrorism suspects from GuantanamoPredator drone strikes killing hundreds in PakistanThe Koran book burning at the Southern churchObama’s birth certificateBush tax cutsSupreme court decision Citizens UnitedArizona state illegal billDont Ask Dont Tell repealTimes Square terrorist Troop increase in AfghanistanHealth Care Act implemented

  8. unamerced says:

    1) The Gulf oil spill fiasco.2) The failed Obama economic agenda.3) Obamacare/healthcare passage which the majority of Americans want repealed.4) The ground zero mosque and the radical Islamic views of the imam who is building it.

  9. zou says:

    illegal aliens, gay equality, the mosque at Ground Zero, unemployment