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Have you ever had a great day like this?

this is how my day went on friday:-woke up really early and was feeling happy ( even tho my dog died 1 week before)-Got to work/school eearly-Didnt forget to bring your homework-Found out you got the highest grade for yo next report card in most of your classes-Got highest score on a surprise essay you thought you would fail-Got barley any homework to do-Found a $5 bill in your pocketHave you ever had such a great day or am i the only one?

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  1. onside says:

    Yes! All the time….usualy I have very great days followed by 1 or 2 bad days where nothing feels right and then I’m fine again.I think that is what being a teenager means.

  2. underchanter says:

    i had a great week before!sunday: partyyyymonday: shopping and hung out at a condotuesday: had a job interview that went really wellwednesday: found out i won a contest to see David Archuletathursday: went to a David Archuleta concert and backstage passesfriday: found out i got the job:D

  3. tutela says:

    yea that was a good day but ive had beetter days.. i found $50 dollars one on the strreet lol

  4. valutel says:

    As good as yours, not in a while, but the best day i have had was 09-12-09:-woke up on time, ate pizza for breakfast -on the way to school ALL of the lights were green-only good songs on the radio-I didn’t get yelled at once at work or at school-That afternoon my guy friend that I had feelings for since May said he’s loved me since December of 2008 ♥- That evening i found a $20 under my bead when I was cleaning-Mickey D’s for dinner -My love called me ♥-Fell asleep at 2AM, AWESOME DAY! :) Glad to see that you are having a wonderful day :D

  5. fBproto says:

    I have had many great days. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to visit Washington D.C. It only cost me around $20.00 because it was a school field trip. On the way to the trip we didn’t ride in a school bus. We rode in an awesome tour bus with comfy seats. On the bus we got to watch a movie. Instead of watching the movie, I listened to my iPod.When we went there, there were many interesting museums. D.C isn’t just all about the government. It has a lot of interesting things such as exhibits about animals, and jewelry. Today, I have off from school because today is Election Day.

  6. blent says:

    I had a day like that..once. And it never happened again. Sigh, memories.

  7. sleepfulness says:

    Yup. Sometimes life just rocks. Enjoy it.

  8. worthful says:

    B-A-R-E-L-Y*note the spelling*