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How long should my essay be?

Im in Honors English and my english teacher told me that my intro should be about 5-7 sentences long, 3 body paragraphs should be in melcon form and the conclusion should be about 5-7 sentences long. I wrote an essay that was 3 1/3 pages long as my rough draft. After that we got into groups of 3-4 so they could peer edit it. They said that my Essay was too long and that the the whole essay wasn't done properly because i had too many sentences. I had the guidelines my teacher told me to do in my rough draft. I decided to rewrite my essay with the peer editing ideas that my group suggested and my Essay is only 1 2/3 long. Isn't that too short?

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  1. BEL-AIR says:

    just make sure u start off with a good introduction and conclusion

  2. adumbration says:

    Follow the criteria of each paragraph to determine how long it should be. So intro no more then seven sentences etc. Do it by sentences and make sure you don’t have any run ons.

  3. derisions says:

    It really depends on the topic and how much research you have. I was told that we always had to have one introduction, how many body paragraphs that tells all of the information, and a conclusion. I would think one or two pages would be a good enough essay. I think they were wrong 5 pages isn’t too long for an essay but usually when you type it on a computer it will be two pages… it is weird how it works