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I really need help with a thesis statement concerning Manifest Destiny?

the essay question is : Discuss the political economic and social implications on Manifest Destiny, i have all the information but my thesis is weakkkkkk, soo pleas help me out, thanks so much <3

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  1. dheeraj says:

    Well in order for us to help you with your thesis, we need to know the general outline of your essay. Otherwise I’m going to make a thesis on points that you’re not prepared for. For example, if you said the body points of your essay were its implications on the Native population, the effects of giving so many farmers such large land grants, and its justification for the war with Mexico, your thesis would look something like”Some of the most serious implications of the American belief of Manifest Destiny were the subjugation of the Native Americans, the economic boom from attaining such large areas of land for farming, and the justification of a war with Mexico.”

  2. defatted says:

    Manifest Destiny covers a multitude of concerns, aspirations, and means of accomplishing those ends. Please throw out a bone, meaning give us what you have so it might be improved.