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Is it appropriate for a college final exam to be graded in class by other students?

Today we had a final exam in one of my classes at the university I attend. I was a little upset that it was graded in class by us trading papers with other students and then the professor giving out the answers.It wasn't just multiple choice. About half the questions were hand written short essay/description ones where the answer was not full credit or none if you got it wrong, there was the possibility of getting partial credit.thanks.

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  1. tadicom says:

    it’s not. your professor should be doing his job and grading the papers himself.

  2. stenotelegraphy says:

    No however if its anonymous it should be okay.

  3. nonadult says:

    That is not appropriate for other students to grade papers. Do you happen to know your institution’s faculty code of conduct?

  4. epipaleolithic says:

    I would not trust a student to grade my paper.Sounds like the typical lazy professor taking laziness to new heights.