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College Essay Suggestions?

I'm applying to a few colleges through the Common App. In the writing part of the application, there are 5 options of topics to write about then there's a "Topic of Your Choice" option. I'm not particularly thrilled about any of the topics but I'm a prettty good writer so i COULD make them work. However, my question is would I benefit in writing on a Topic of My Choice? And, if so, does anyone have any unique/creative topic suggestions?Thank you!

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  1. irresolvable says:

    Write about something that shaped a major opinion you have or helped you make a major decision. For instance, how you made a team, if you had a friend die etc etc.

  2. ivatury says:

    Write about what you’re most comfortable with. Remember that admissions officers read (to them) millions of essays each fall. If you use one of the Common App prompts, they will see literally hundreds of other essays based on that prompt. If you create your own prompt, it has a better chance of standing out, which is exactly what you want.How about writing about yourself as you imagine you will progress, mature and contribute to your college through your four undergraduate years? You can incorporate some things that point out your current strengths and previous accomplishments, and portray yourself as a student who will not be content to be “just a number”. In case this is already a current Common App prompt, pretend I never answered. :)