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“Is reading fiction a waste of time?”?

I have to write an essay on why reading fiction is NOT a waste of time. I really love to read, but I'm not sure how to write it in the essay. I need at least three reasons, and strong details. I also want to include some sort of example for books and stuff. Any ideas? I know most people that regulate in this section love to read, and might even write themselves, so please help me..

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  1. febrility says:

    Reading fiction is not a waste of time to me because:* it makes you think about things and situations you might not ever come across in real-life, and wonder what you might do if you were the main character.* it helps your imagination (with reading you have to visualise everything yourself as opposed to watching tv where everything is visualised for you) which in turn makes you more creative.* It’s relaxation, something to give our minds a rest from thinking and working all day, which we really need in today’s stressful world.

  2. fiar says:

    FICTION IS AWSOME!reasons1: Fiction is not a waste of time becasue it lets you picture stuff into your mind and ” the sky is the limit” meaning that you have no limit you can make up mythical creatures or you can make up new worlds! NO LIMIT2: I think that fiction is mroe interesting then non ficiton becasue i think that you could have like huges bloody battle with swords or with guns and stuff is cool or 4 goirls like you could have like i dunno but you can write it more eseily.3:i can only think of 2 srry hope they helP!

  3. brachiferous says:

    If reading fiction is a waste of my time, then I better stop reading every book I’ve bought, or every novel I’m currently writing now.Fiction isn’t a waste of time. Some people might think so, but I seriously doubt that they’ve ever come across a really good book in their life–if that’s how they feel.Preferably, fiction is something of a gateway to our individual imaginations.It can’t be seen, realized, or felt physically.However, it is an integral part of our reading experience and should be embraced as such.It is what gives reading–and books–such a wide range of diversity.

  4. cush says:

    * It strengthens one’s imagination* You become a better writer (learn more vocabulary, writing styles, etc) and become able to analyze literature with more ease* It is better than watching TVhope that helped :)

  5. sleepry says:

    Heck No its not at all. Its some of the most useful time EVER! I LOVE IT

  6. overreadiness says:

    Well reading any sort of book is a great way of entertainment and reading helps people from doing bad things. Ex: If you’re reading you wont be out doing drugs, drinking, etc. And reading any sort of books helps expand the mind and allows people to store more information and people with learn new things about the world, people, emotions, etc.

  7. bufstop says:

    I love to read and these are the reasons I always give. 1) it gives me a chance to escape from reality and relax.2) it keeps my mind active with imagination. And3) there is almost always some hidden truths in fiction.Sometimes, reading relieves stress, but still keeps the mind active as it has to work at creating pictures to go with the story. And lastly, there is always something we can learn from a fictional book, whether it is learning about the effects of selfishness and what not. I hope this helps.

  8. isoptic says:

    Well, I’ll start with writing fiction. Writing fiction helps you broaden your imagination, which helps in creative invention. Imagination is a good thing to have. It helps develop your mind. Writing fiction isn’t too easy, either. You have to create characters, plot, etc, etc. It’s a lot.Reading fiction can do pretty much the same thing. It helps increase your vocabulary, you grammar and spelling, and it gives your brain a good “work out”. It can also help expand your imagination and creativity.

  9. cumulatively says:

    Exercising the imagination by reading fiction is exactly as wasteful as writing critical essays on the subject. You should make that your thesis statement ;)

  10. seldner says:

    Well th biggest reason I can think of is that really good fiction (i.e. The Great Gatsby, Fahrenheit 451, To Kill a Mockingbird) can provide real insight into the world and human nature that nonfiction just can’t do. Through the use of good characterization, interesting setting, and compelling plot, really great authors can create scenarios that really make us think, and make thought-provoking statements that help us learn more about not only who we are, but how the world works. As for the other two reasons, I can’t seem to come up with anything. Hope I’ve helped though!

  11. lithnet says:

    No, it isn’t. Maybe it uses time, but wasting is a matter of opinion -wasting time, and taking time are two totally different concepts. Personally, I read fiction to sometimes escape. In many ways, when I am feeling stressed, and struggle to find a way to get everything done, I take a cuppa and a good book, and escape for a while. It allows my subconscious to reorganise, and I often return to the “real world” being able to focus better, as I am less stressed and more able to think clearly. I may only read one chapter, sometimes it will take me a couple of weeks to read a book, but it really helps…….Besides, it is cheaper than therapy, LOL!