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Media essay ideas? how stretching the truth affects the media?

I have to do an admissions essay to get into this certain university in ontario. It is a researched based essay on a media issue in Canada. That does not mean an issue shown my the media but an issue specifically IN the mediai am thinking of doing how the media stretches the truth to change your opinion on the person.. for example making O.J simpsons skin darker or that whole thing on Saturday night live about Sara Palinany ideas for sub topics or people I can do this on? please help its reallllly important!

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  1. poistaa says:

    Be careful how you phrase “How stretching the truth AFFECTS the media”…is it really the media that is being affected? Or, rather, is it “What effect does the media have in changing perceptions of the Canadian public” You could make a case for how media chooses “scapegoats” and tends to pursue them until there is absolutely nothing else to talk about. To use your example, Sara Palin. Now that she is no longer in the running for VP, the media will undoubtably continue to “bash” her for something and will continue to do so until the “public at large” gets sick of it and stops paying attention. At which time a new scapegoat will be chosen. That would be my suggestion. At present your thesis about what they did to OJ and the skit about Sara Palin is too widespread, and I believe you would be better off with a more focused thesis. Hope that helped!