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Odysseus: Do you see, you gods of sea and sky? I conquered Troy. Me Odysseus, a mortal man of flesh and blood?

and bone and mind! I do not need you now, I can do anything.Poseidon: Odysseus, why do you defy me?Odysseus: Who are you?Poseidon: It is I Poseidon, god of the wine dark sea. You have forfeited for forgetting how I helped you.Odysseus: Help me? For ten years you played with us as toys. For ten years you let blood spill to your shores.Poseidon: But it was my serpent who silenced Laocoon or your horse was doomed, yet you refuse to give thanks. You forget, a man is nothing without the gods. You will suffer for this offense. For your arrogance, you will drift on my sea for an eternity, never again will you reach the shores of Ithaca.Odysseus: You cannot stop me!Poseidon: You will suffer.What is odysseus's plot? Help need badly for english essay! THANK YOU!

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  1. pantern says:

    The walls of Troy were said to be built by Poseidon himself (god of the seas/earthquakes) and they are rumored to be impregnable. However, there are other external factors to be considered to the reasoning and justification of Troy’s defeat. The Trojans violated the ancient greek tradition of xenia (house hospitality) when they abducted/stole Hellen from the greeks. This is the significant in the reasoning and justification for Troy’s conquer. Odysseus, after taking over Troy with the other greeks did the impossible, and with the frustration of the war which lasted about 10 years and with the loss of many men, he mocked the gods, in particular, Poseidon. Poseidon’s sea snake/ serpent killed Laocoon, who was about to reveal the truth about the Trojan horse and therefore, the god expected some appreciation and gratitude.Mocking or degrading the gods is very dangerous as seen in the Odyssey. Poseidon makes his life very difficult, especially after the incident with the Cyclops. (The Cyclops are fathered by Poseidon and thats why in the book, the Cyclops asks his father to take vengeance upon Odysseus for taking out his one eye with the spiked olive tree.)