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Help “6 ways in which civil war changed America”, essay form?

1. It changed the way the war is fought by introducing "trench warfare" in the seige of Richmond from November 1864 to March of 1865.2. It changed the way medical treatment of soldiers wounded on the battlefield; where the slaughter at Antietemn of over 20,000 killed and wounded were basically ignored when at the end of the war, treatment and securing clean and septic surroundings were at most better for all those on the northern side.3. It revolutionized the way manufacturing (of war materials) was handled. Many innovations came about because of this war.4. With the official White House inclusion of the negroes as Union soldiers in late 1864, this caused an emotional/racist uproar in the south which gave no quarter to ***** soldiers who were caught in battle and eventually killed on the spot. This "genocide", in my opinion, gave President Lincoln the needed boost to win the 1864 presidential election from the many split southern parties in the south.5. This war changed the attitudes of all Americans once it was over with. The attitudes of "brother against brother", "neighbor against neighbor" were no longer prevelant in the hope of mending the nation after four years of death and destruction.6. It solidified the immediate "evilness" of the wrongness of human slavery and that helped to stir up other nations around the world to get rid of dictatorships, kings and queens and monarchy's.

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