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I need a word for an essay?

I have this "word essay" which is an essay, that is, well, about a word. Any word. I need several sources (7, I think...). The essay is about the word itself (root/latin stuff), as well as the meaning the word. Any ideas?

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  1. ranker's says:

    Here is a site which has a list of words that are interesting due to their origin or even as they say, some folklore about the word. Good luck with your essay!

  2. schalstein says:

    An abstract noun such as love, deceit, hate, freedom, justice etc… would be ideal in my opinion.

  3. unflexible says:

    Is this what you need?Essay = thesis, dissertation, paper, composition, article, exposition

  4. isoglosses says:

    Love would be easy. youd have alot to go off of.

  5. encounterable says:

    could be any wordswell i used to write essays very well with many difficult words. when i’m writing, i think very well too. but in case right now, i’m not writing anything so i don’t know what word to tell.

  6. cirrocumulus says:

    Do something like “Peace” or “Love” “Happiness” “Freedom”

  7. redresser says:

    I don’t think you can do better than what, today, is the most potent and electrifying English word, ******. It’s so potent, that, somehow it will be edited in this answer–which, of course, helps prove the point. This is a very fertile ground, linguistically speaking.ADD ON: Yahoo! Answers is more circumspect than I anticipated. The word has an “n” in it and a “g” and was featured on a cartoon TV show parody of Wheel of Fortune.