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Help with my essay introduction? The essay is about role of women?

Okay so for my english essay i have to write a 5 paragraph essay on this book called the Good Earth. Im having trouble with my intro. basically the good earth takes place in ancient china so women are subservient. But my thesis is about how even though women had subservient roles in society they could still gain power and were more powerful than men inside of societyIntro:Imagine a world where you deemed inferior to someone else because of your gender. A world where you could’t have certain rights or responsibilities because of your gender. To be even thought of unlucky or bringing bad luck because of the gender you were born.Also does this make sense? I wanted to say that on the outside of society ( like you know what everyone thinks you are and what role you are) women were subservient but inside of Society (what actually was happening, and who actually was powerful and stuff) they were powerful and strong

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  1. tcdroom says:

    Chinese culture never say woman is inferior.Chinese ancient idiom 男主外,女主内.Means Man rule outside,woman rule inside.It is also the fact.In ancient time,man do work outside the house,woman do housework,also judge the finance of the familly.1.Yes,woman are seemed like lower class when they are young,but when their sons get married,they would be the most powerful ones in the familly.2.Also,it is the social division of labor.Man are strong and can do labor work while woman are weak so they do housework.That is not discrimination,that is social division of labor.3.Even in 19th,woman has no right to vote in western world.If mention this,western woman even has smaller power than Chinese woman in politics.Chinese empress dowager even has the right to abolish the emperor.Before the emperor become an adult,the empress dowager can even rule the country together with center officers.