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What exactly makes Grendel a monster?

I have to write an essay for my English class and i need help! the prompt is : what exactly makes grendel a monster? consider not only his physical appearance, but his moral and spiritual understandings too.please help!

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  1. promenaders says:

    Have you actually read the book (presumably, Beowulf)?It really shouldn’t be hard to figure out why Grendel is (or, arguably, is not) a monster for various reasons.

  2. volkswagen says:

    Like the Native Americans, Grendel was probably of a indigenous race that was being overrun and fought back only to be called monsters and savages. I would put foreword that the race of Grendel was already in place when the Germanic tribes moved North West because of population pressure from the Near East. Just a thought— Custer’s last stand at Little Big-horn=Grendel type beings attacking the Germanic Norse that are taking his land and food by force. The “Heroes” of Wounded Knee=Destroying Grendel’s tribe. Grendel=The last of the MohicansWhere is the cites for negative words or is it a quick reading that isn’t understood. Text books will bring you knowledge. By the way little the Beowulf you read is obviously the version bowderlized by the Christian church.

  3. Sabaeism says:

    First to correct Terry, the Germanic tribes already occupied the area of Scandinavia and moved southwest/east into Ireland, Scotland, and what is now France, not vice versa. But around the time Beowulf is set, there had already been sufficient time for the Norse, or Scandinavian tribes, to have adapted their own language and culture to differ from that of their continental Germanic counterparts. If you have actually read Beowulf then the questions should be fairly easy to answer. Grendel came in the night and massacred Hrothgar’s men, even dragging some of them away to eat later. He was a grotesque figure, not only literally, but metaphorically. He represented the evil, and Beowulf the good. The Christian coloring throughout the poem reinforces the theme of good vs evil, that Grendel was a hell-demon and Beowulf sent from God to destroy him. It is even suggested that Grendel is a descendant of Cain.”Once this unhappy beast dwelt in the country of monstrous creatures,after the Creator had condemned all thoseamong Cain’s kin – the eternal Lordavenged the crime of the one who killed Abel.For Cain got no joy from committing that wrong, but God banished him far away from mankind.From him all wicked offspring were born:giants and elves, and evil demon-creatures,and gigantic monsters – those who fought God,time beyond time. But God repaid them.” Lines 104 – 114