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I’m applying to PSU but I doubt I’ll get into University Park, what is the best satellite school?

I'm a good students. I'm involved in a lot things like: 3 different youth groups, I went to Hebrew High, FBLA, business program over the summer, 3.5 GPA, dance for 15 years, camp counselor, camp for 8 years, director of a play, i edited a book, cafe employee, but I have terrible SAT scores. I have a 490 in math, 470 in critical reading, a 540 in math but an 11 on my essay. (the 11 doesn't matter because no schools look at it) I'm only in one IB class (its like AP) but that is drama, everything else is just advanced. I'm applying to Penn Sate University, its not my #1 school but I would really consider going if I got in. Just in case I'm applying to a satellite school Altoona but I don't know much about it. If anyone can tell me some good satellite schools for me that would be so helpful! Thanks guys!

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  1. sherona says:

    Wow! I just went onto the college board’s website to look up the satellite campuses of Penn State, and there is a huge list, most of which I had never heard of (and I used to live in Pennsylvania). I think you would be fine with Altoona, depending on what you want to do.

  2. polymerize says:

    even though you go to a satellite..in two years youll finish your major at University Park no matter what..youre guaranteed a spot your junior year