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Essay Help! The New Deal?

I don't really understand what I'm supposed to do (I know I sound stupid) but could someone help me with this essay topic."There is little debate but that the New Deal of Franklin Roosevelt, for good or for bad, has had a lasting impact on American life. Discuss the New Deal as to its origins, goals, and its continuing influence on American politics and society in the twenty-first century. Offer an analysis of both the positive and negative aspects of the legacy".I know what the New Deal was and all, but I don't understand what the essay is wanting. To compare the Roosevelt's era and today? Or to compare the good things about his presidency to the bad?

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  1. aho says:

    It is asking for both…You need to compare the New Deal Era to modern times and find the influences that the New Deal had on today (for instance the Hoover Dam…built because of the New Deal and still provides water/electricity to most of the West Coast) and then discuss if these influences are beneficial to us today or if they have a negative impact on life today.

  2. napoleons says:

    In English- Discuss why/how the New Deal began, what it attempted to do, and how it changed the US, both as it existed and through its legacy, in both good and bad ways.In other words, it’s a couple of those combined, but focused moreso around the New Deal than around Roosevelt. You could probably devote a paragraph or two to each mini-essay and write it that way.

  3. insurrectionaries says:

    they what you to explain the what the new deal was suppose to do and what was its influence

  4. vestimental says:

    take look at this: [external link] …