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I need a nice, catchy title and introduction for my Careers essay. The career I picked is Physics?!?

ok, like I have a quote source and a thesis statement.. all I need is one or two sentences to introduce my topic, which is :Physicists ! xDI also need a title... I dont wanna put just " physicist" .. here is what I have : the only thing i need ( as i said above is a title and a sentence that goes before the quote.SENTENCE SENTENCE SENTENCE SENTENCE SENTENCE "physicists try to understand the laws of nature and put these laws to practical use. Wherever they work, physicists spend a great deal of time doing research, performing laboratory experiments, and studying the results" (Career Discovery Encyclopedia 100). Becoming a physicist involves a well-rounded education before entering a field with many responsibilities and rewards.

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  1. patagia says:

    Physics: the second cause.(God is the First Cause.)

  2. allmsgs says:

    My suggestion for your title is “Physics – A career field of infinite possibilities”Also, short little anecdotes usually make really good intro sentences / hooks. I would suggest something like:”Imagine living the life of a physicist for a day…” and you could say have a little general summary about what physicists do.I hope this helps, and good luck with your essay!