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WWII essay help-Hiroshima Nagasaki bombing?

How long after the first bomb was the second one released?Does any one one know on what basis the two cities were sellected? and why 2 and not just one?

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  1. hexastich says:

    Fat Man (the one used on Nagasaki) was released three days after Little Boy (the one used on Hiroshima). Hiroshima and Nagasaki were selected because they had many military supply depots that had been absolutely untouched by the massive fire-bombing campaigns against the Japanese homeland. In fact, the two cities were never touched by the fire-bombing. Two cities were bombed because the Japanese didn’t surrender after Little Boy, so Fat Man was used to “persuade” them, if you will, to hasten the surrender process.

  2. Manettia says:

    Hiroshima was chosen partly because it was an army depot, but also because it was a fairly large city and would have a greater psychological effect than dropping it on a smaller, isolated target.The second bomb was supposed to be dropped on Kokura, but there was too much cloud cover so they diverted to the secondary target, Nagasaki. Nagasaki was a major sea port as well as a manufacturing source for war materials.In the end they were dropped far more for the psychological impact than destruction of military assets.

  3. dialyzing says:

    The first bomb–Hiroshima–was dropped at 8:15 on August 6th, 1945.The second bomb–Nagasaki–was dropped three days later on August 9th, 1945.The first bombed Hiroshima. When Japan did not surrendor immediately, they decided to drop the second one, as to threaten them into surrendoring.

  4. comm says:

    The reason those two cities were selected was that the had remained nearly unscathed, and the US wanted to see the scale of destruction.Some say the second bomb was dropped so the results of the two types of bombs could be compared.Nagasaki was actually a secondary target as there was cloud over the primary target.

  5. tagsore says:

    rbanzai is completely correct …also the region of Nagasaki was an industrial center. Therefore an important target militarily!.