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When applying for a Scholarship, should my essay be formal or informal?

When writing formal essays, how should I start my essay (with a question, or a general/specific statement?)How many paragraphs are in an informal essay, and how many points in each paragraph?

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  1. robands says:

    You’re over thinking this. The number of paragraphs in an informal essay don’t matter, hence why it’s called informal. Just use your common sense and create a new paragraph for each change in topic. Write until you feel the essay is done, don’t follow some criteria. Don’t worry about points. The number of paragraphs and points don’t matter and the people reading your essay won’t care about them. They only care that you can write well. How formal your essay is depends on who you write the essay for. I would avoid formality though, simply because it makes an essay less unique and therefore less likely to win. You just need to be creative. Starting with a statement or question is fine, depending on the type of essay you want to write. To put it bluntly, you get to chose. There’s no set formula. Just be creative.

  2. appetitive says:

    It all depends on the essay topic. A well written informal essay (and by informal I assume you’re referring to tone) can stand out amongst thousands of overly structured formal essays. However, as long as your response it focused, personable and speaks for *you* it doesn’t matter which type you choose. There is no official min or max to how many paragraphs/ points you put in your essay unless they specify. Just be thorough and focus on all the amazing things you’ve done. If you haven’t done anything amazing write as if it was. If you’re writing a formal essay I recommend beginning with a creative but relevant anecdote. You might want to introduce yourself, talk about your aspirations and how investing their money in you will be money well spent :) I really hope this helps.

  3. hexagynous says:

    Definitely FORMAL!Unless specifically asked to be informal, they are checking your ability to write with a good command of the English language.

  4. ammocoetid says:

    Formal. Always use formal writing/style for college essays. Definitely consult a style guide or manual if you’re not sure how to do this. Also, your application materials probably include instructions on how to write the essay, particularly what specific questions to answer and issues to address. Follow it to the letter.I started mine (and got into some pretty impressive schools) by discussing what I found remarkable about the schools and why I was applying in the first place. If I were applying to Colby College in Maine I would talk about the ability to do academic work in such stunning surroundings (Colby is noted for this) and how those surroundings would benefit my educational goals and use the rest of the essay to discuss said goals.