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Who should pay for the textbook?

We had a 35 per cent group assignment for our course. Our constitutional law textbook costs almost $ 109 plus tax. One of our group members has an extended version of the textbook which costs $130 plus tax.I did my share of work and wrote 9 pages and helped with the citation. This girl in our group has a phD father and is very good at the essays and exams She wrote 22 pages and did alot of the editing and citation. The other guy didn't do anything, but he lent us his textbook. We got an A+ even though the professor was well known as a hard marker. But she highlighted and wrote heavily in highlights on the side of the textbook pages.He says she ruined his textbook without asking him and he can't resell it for as much. He wants her to buy the textbook from him for $ 110. But she got offended and said she will only give him $ 15, because the course costs alot and he would have failed the course if the professor found out because doing the essay is one of the course requirements. But he says that she damaged his property without consent and therefore should pay.

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  1. CATERINA says:

    She should pay the difference in value between what he could get reselling an unmarked up used textbook and what he could get now that it’s been written in. That amount will make him whole when he resells the used text. Of course, if she pays the full amount, then she gets to keep the book for herself. That way she’s bought the book she used, and he is not unjustly enriched by getting the full purchase price plus whatever else he’s able to get by selling it later.While I hope he hasn’t taken the ethics course yet, his laziness will cost him when it comes time to study for the bar. Make a mental note of this for future courses.

  2. sauriosis says:

    He is plagiarising by presenting someone else’s work as something he has written. By abetting him, you are all committing a breach of academic honesty.She should purchase his textbook and the work should not be passed off as his.

  3. nimble says:

    What’s this have to do with marriage and divorce? Tell the professor he didn’t contribute to the essay and let him fail the class.

  4. troughful says:

    Why on earth are you posting that Q here?

  5. foments says:

    She marked up his book without asking. She should pay the difference in value. Which is pretty much the same as her paying the full price to him and selling it back herself. The next move depends on if you’re stuck with him or can cut him out of the group. (Apparently ya’ll haven’t had the ethics course yet.)