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Will I get into Virginia Tech Early Decision?

hey everyone, i know there have been a lot of similar questions but any response would be great! i'm pretty anxious about college/being accepted and all, so it'd be nice to have some confirmation.my sat scores are pretty bad...i got a 1180 out of 1600 so 610 in math and 570 in reading. i believe i got a 1740 total.my total gpa unweighted for my first three years of high school is a 4.1i have a lot of extra activities...here's my list:Marching Band; Drum MajorMentors; PresidentA Capella; ChairmanTri-M Music Honor Society; Vice PresidentSymphonic/Concert Band; Vice PresidentNational Honor SocietyScience Honor SocietyVarsity Math TeamMUNKey ClubJazz BandSelect Vocal EnsembleBand BuddiesVarsity Indoor Track and FieldTravel Socceras for the essays, i'm going to do 2 instead of the max 3. also, i'm 1/4 mexican so i'm going to put that down hahai think that's about it? if you have any other questions feel free to ask and thank you in advance for any input! be honest!

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  1. towny says:

    I definitely think you can get accepted. Tech likes to see that you can have a good GPA but also be involved in things. It shows them that you’re well-rounded. Don’t worry too much about the SAT scores. Mine were AWFUL but I still got accepted because I made up for it in other areas. You have a looot of extracurricular activities and an awesome GPA..you’ll be fine. Good luck :) see you next year on campus