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How do i stop my horse rearing?

I have a 7 yr old, 15' 1" cob gelding, i have been riding him since may this year! He is stabled about 500 yards from my house in a livery yard. He is stabled at night and turned out everyday while im at work. Last night i tacked him up at my house, walked up the road to go past the livery yard, just as i went to pass the laneway he started to spin around to one side, i pulled him around in the other direction and then he started to rear. He reared about 5 times. I eventually got him past this point, went further down the road (the road started to slope down a hill) he tried to spin around again but this time when i tried to correct him he went up as vertical as he could and nearly flipped over. Im absolutely terrified now and I don't know what to do. I know i have to get back on him today but im so scared! This behaviuor is totally out of the blue. There was nothing else on the road to spook him. I am wondering if he associates the yard with food and decided he was going to do his own thing!Sorry for the essay! I just don't know what to do!

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  1. unconsoling says:

    A lot of the times animals can sense/see things that we can’t. There may have been something there. If it becomes a consistent problem (and if you have access to this) try having a friend or neighbor ride their calm horse in front of him and walk this path a few times. If he refuses to follow the horse simply have the other horse walk back to him then turn and go down the path again. Eventually either he will realize it is safe and nothing is there or fear will encourage him to simply follow the calm horse resulting in him realizing nothing is going to eat him :) If none of this works try calling your vet. Because it is an “out of the blue” thing it may be an indication that something is wrong ie: eyesight, hearing etc. If it is because of food he has simply become spoiled hehe try taking some food along with you for a snack so he knows that’s not the only place for treats. Also try to avoid moving quickly toward the barn (trot, canter etc) try to just walk in that direction or else he may learn to move at that speed in that direction whether you tell him to or not. good luck.

  2. anticommunist says:

    Have you got a riding school you can go in rather than a hack to ride again? Or even just a field? Has he ever had back problems? Was the saddle/bridle put on correctly that day?There are a dozen different terms, but it could be he’s starting to go “barn sour”, meaning he hates leaving the yard to go out for work when all the rest of the horses are having dinner or out in the fields. It’s a vice really and will just need working on!Can you ride out with someone else rather than alone? That may help, he may simply have disagreed with going out alone that day!If it does happen again you will need to maybe get his back checked and make sure everything is fitting correctly.