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I need to interview someone in the medical field (preferably in obestrics)– CAN SOMEONE HELP ?

I'm writing an essay on the profession I would like to pursue when I'm older. Can someone answer the following questions ? :1. What's a regular work day like?2. What is your house like? Car?3. What are the pros/cons of your job?4. What's your annual salary?5. What are the job benefits? (ex. vacation days, company car, etc.)6. Was it easy to get through school? Why or why not?7. Are you happy with your job? Why or why not?8. What would you like to change about your job?9. Was college difficult to finish? Why or why not?10. When are you able to retire?

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  1. wcbulko says:

    Obstetrics is a difficult lifestyle as are many. I have enjoyed it however and continue to enjoy and practice over 20 years. Work as a solo practitioner is harder since days off are not many, but there are others you work with that allow time off like some weekends. If you work in a group ,it is much easier. I work with another doctor , now and take one night of call, 24 hour duty, every 4th night since we work with another group. Vacation time is 2-4 weeks per year and one week of continuing medical education/seminars. Generally , if you are self employed you provide your own benefits.Salary is of course commensurate with hours put in and can vary from 120 k to 300k. You have to bill over 7 times that amount to make that salary due to non- payment by patients and insurance adjustments, malpractice insurance, buying equipment, supplies, paying nurses, medical coders,accountants, and other staff and rent etc. You have to see about 25-35 patients a day sometimes and be ready to do surgery at a moments notice and it is the best part for me since I enjoy the hospital aspect. I try to take off one day every other week. but I work late hours so I am not sure if I really get a day off. the work week is always 60 hours or more. I wake up 630 -0800, see patients at hospital for 1-2 hours then go to office , answer mail, phone calls between patients and lunchtime and go back to hospital in evening. Some days I am only at the office and one day a week only at the hospital…lots of variation. I eat during meetings , like 3-4 per week, some start 0630, other 630 pm. There are committes I belong to such as pharmacy and therapeutics and OR committee and also Chairing of committees over the years. House and car are a personal choice, I drive a Honda. There are days when I feel so tired and exhausted that I want to quit immediately , then I get rest and get back in game. I think fatigue is the hardest part of the job and the irregular sleep patterns.I like taking care of people because I think they really need me and the whole team of providers. Obstetrics is nice due to the birthing aspect but it is a job and requires constant attention to the patient. Also ,there’s nothing like getting someone through a health crisis or situation. Of course not all outcomes are good and some people will succumb to their disease. Dealing with the public is not always easy…my way of dealing with difficult situations is to do the best I can always, realizing I cannot change anyones way of thinking but can change an attitude with kindness and compassion.College was not difficult , it was the easiest part. Medical school is more difficult due to the enormous amounts of material one must study. Retirement will depend on many factors , but most likely will retire at age 62- 65. Hope this helps.