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What makes a school a society? consider things like hierarchies or divisions, relations and interactions etc?

consider things like hierarchies or divisions, relations and interactions, shared beliefs and values, norms and customs.someone help me please, this is a social studies essay question.

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  1. pervaders says:

    Okay, try to break it down, get a sheet of paper, divide it and write headings- hierarchies/ divisions, relations/interactions, shared beliefs & values, and norms and customs. So 4 headings,. Think about each one at a time, and write down as many things relating to that heading that you can think of. Will start you off – Hierarchies/divisions : head or principal, teachers, assistants,pupils, lunch staff, janitors. Think here about how they might rank, and how they might be divided. do the same with the other 3 columns. This would give you notes in small stages to piece together. Then do the same for a society. Look up the meaning of a society and an example of one if you need to. Then compare the two to get your answers. See if that helps. I often find it does help to break things down into smaller chunks so its easier to understand. Good luck with it.

  2. macraucheniiform says:

    The school admin act like gods ruling over the students and faculty.Hierarchy is based on power or the illusion of power.but really its based off of their upbringing. they dont look at themseleves as the preppy popoularas for the longest time. thee are raised to think they are better thru rheir church group and that everywone else is sub par.shred beliefs are whcihever collar color they adhere to. mainly its white collar nowadays. they want you to be white collared if you resist or rebel they quarter you to a miserable time.dont tak emy word sas the only. i had a bad Hikls time.