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What reality love shows do you watch? Why do you watch them?

I'm working on an essay for my english class that is due tomorrow. I was hoping anyone could please tell me why you watch love based reality shows, what show's you watch, and how old you are? I would greatly appreicate feedback ASAP......Thank you all

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  1. toppiece says:

    Survivor because it was the original reality show. It’s kept me interested all these years. I enjoy it because I like to see how personalities mingle with each other under pressure. I’m 35.

  2. sonantina says:

    fear factor: cuz its intenseamerican idol: cuz i love itamericas next top model: cuz i like itthe great race: cuz i luv it againmtv ****bet ****and more.

  3. korney says:

    top chef…america’s next top model…i love new york 2 (ashamed to admit it but i’m addicted now)…