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Christopher McCandless, subculture of counterculture?

Would you consider Christopher McCandless' attitude toward society as a 'subculture' or 'counterculture'?PS- I was asked to write an essay on whether his beliefs and values fit into a subculture or counterculture and honestly...I'm not really sure what to write, hope you guys can help me!Thanks! I'll really appreciate it!

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  1. lineamentation says:

    “If a particular subculture is characterized by a systematic opposition to the dominant culture, it may be described as a counterculture.”This is from wikipedia under subculture. So essentially they can be the same thing. I havent learnt anything more about McCandless other then the excellent film but if you look at his life course sure he did a lot of radical things against the norm but essentially he still did conform to different groups until the feeling of someone else making the decisions for him scared him. I think he was afraid of rejection so it was easier to withdraw a little into a different persona where he could make alternative decisions to what everyone thought he should do. The way I would think about it is that a homeless person or drifter is a subculture because essentially they dont have an easy way to change their life and situation. However, with McCandless all he had to do was call his family for help and it would all change. He acted counter to his culture, which was his upbringing and family life.