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Can you help my essay?

so far i wrote this assay, and i really need more info please, or if you know something add to my paragraph. Finally, new medical advancements are being produced rapidly due to nuclear power from government. Nuclear Medicine was first created to treat unhealthy patient condition back in1900s, but because of the poor knowledge and the side effects it was abandoned. Now today with more advance technology, nuclear medicine is used as a tool for the identification of diseases by the examination in the x-ray and MRI.

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  1. mantrac says:

    New medical advancements have been produced rapidly in recent years due to nuclear power supported by the government. Many of the more recent medical advancements can be attributed to increased research and development in Nuclear Medicine. Nuclear Medicine was first created to treat unhealthy patients’ conditions in the 20th century, but was abandoned because of the poor knowledge health care providers had on the topic, and the poor treatment patients received that resulted from this lack of knowledge. More advanced technology has allowed researchers and scientists to develop a wealth of knowledge about Nuclear Medicine many in the scientific and scholarly community share today. Currently, Nuclear Medicine is used as a tool for the identification of many diseases and conditions through the use of medical imaging machines, such as the X-ray and MRI. These machines are similar to cameras, but they only capture the images of organs or bones that receive small doses of radioactive materials. The ability that doctors and other medical professionals now have to see a patient’s internal body without invasive surgeries has helped to make medical care in the modern world safer, quicker, and more accurate.I was just playing around with your paragraph, don’t be offended by changes to what you had…just trying to make it longer for you.