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What cultures sing happy songs at funerals?

im writing an essay and was just wondering if anyone knows. we sing songs in most cultures i think, but traditionally we sing solemn songs at western funerals (such as amazing grace, or hymns).this isn't to say it has to be happy songs, but do any cultures sing songs that aren't solemn? it has to be a specific culture though, such as indian, or mediterranian. thanks if you can help

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  1. chinwood says:

    You better reconsider your thesis. Amazing Grace is a totally happy song – it celebrates redemption and salvation. You need to separate tune & cadence from lyrics if you hope to write an essay that isn’t entirely ignorant. “western funerals” include anything from a Roman Catholic Mass to a New Orleans jazz parade. Mediterranean culture extends from Morocco to Lebanon to Italy to France.

  2. plunkers says:

    African. It depends on the country and or tribe.

  3. twankle says:

    I like to sing “Wake The Dead” at funerals.Apparently it’s rude… so they forced me to stop.