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Essay regarding trial by judge?

I'm writing an essay on why it's preferable to have a trial by judge I'm trying to find 3 key pointsDoes anyone have any ideas, if u do it will be greatly appreciated

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  1. equinate says:

    One main point is if your client’s actions were considered so heinous by the community, a jury might not give them a fair trial. A judge has to make an unbiased legal opinion so that is the main reason I can think of. It is much easier for the general population to let emotions get in the way of making a fair decision based on the laws. For example, someone like Jeffrey Dahmer would be more benefited by having a trial by judge than by jury.

  2. reinder says:

    If the law is in your favor, then a Judge will likely apply it correctly. The trial will be speedier. The Judge will be able to filter out hearsay from non. The Judge will know when someone is lying. Hope this helps. When i was a DA I never lost a Court trial (by Judge)

  3. dorsumbonal says:

    There is not even one good reason to have a trail by judge. NOT ONE !