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Please read over my essay. What do you think? Any suggestions?

My essay is posted here, [external link] , for easier reading, but i will post it here too.--- Homer’s Odyssey is one of the earliest examples of literature in which a main character is faced with obstacles and must overcome them. Odysseus, the King of Ithaca, is on a journey to return to his homeland after the Trojan War. He can be considered one of the greatest heroes of all literature because he is able to solve problems put ahead of him. Through the struggle to out-smart a Cyclops and the battle to withstand the Sirens’ seduction, Odysseus illustrates his heroism by showing courage and wisdom. Odysseus’ first great challenge took place in the Land of the Cyclops. The Cyclops are the sons of Poseiodn. Odysseus and his men get trapped in a cave with one, named Polyphemus. The Cyclops starts eating Odysseus’ crew, so Odysseus planned to drink with the Cyclops and then blind him. While enjoying the wine, the Cyclops demanded to know Odysseus’ name. Odysseus did not want to expose himself, so he says that his name is "Nobody." This is clever, because when the Cyclops went to seek revenge, he was left saying that "nobody did this to me." The Cyclops wouldn’t have been able to blame anyone. Odysseus also thought ahead and had his men attach themselves to the Cyclops’ rams. When Polyphemus let out the animals, he also unwillingly released his captives. The Sirens are female creatures who sang a beautiful song that lures sailors closer to the island, and eventually to their death. Odysseus had to get his men through, so with help from Athena, Odysseus plugged the crews ears with beeswax. He did not have his ears plugged because he wanted to experience the Sirens’ song. Instead, he instructed his crew to tie him to the mast. Daring to experience the lovely voices of the Sirens was definitely a brave action. If he hadn’t thought to restrain himself, the entire crew could have perished. Odysseus achieved his heroic status by bravely enduring Poseidon’s wrath and being determined to return to Ithaca. He showed courageousness when he blinded the Cyclops, and was very wise in plotting a way to trick the Cyclops. He went against all odds to return home, and while overcoming his hardship, his heroism was proved.---What can I do to improve? Any suggestions?

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  1. archeologist says:

    Good job. Here are a few suggestions:1. Remove: “He can be considered one of the greatest heroes…” and add to; “courage, wisdom, and forethought”.2. Poseidon is misspelled in paragraph #2.3. Watch your tense in paragraph two. You’re flitting between past and present. Choose one. :) 4. I would either start or end the event paragraphs with what heroic quality you hope to prove or illustrate. It’s cumbersome to the reader to have keep track of your perspective and follow the events’ details.5. Are you limited to the number of words or pages you can submit? If not, consider writing a closing paragraph either restating your perspective or confirming the purpose of the essay.

  2. helpable says:

    it is actually pretty good. since noone else is wanting to read mine, can you please answer my question here: [external link] ;_ylt=Am.XHQAfAb6.OBRXhH4xaSTsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20101012195123AAgsClBthanks:) i like your essay