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Is westward expansion and Manifest destiny the same thing?

im doing an essay on the effects that the industrialization had on the westward expansion... but isn't it along the lines of manifest destiny..? or at least do they have something in common?

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  1. fanasty says:

    Manifest destiny was actually what white people believed to be their god given right as a white person and to take indian land they moved westward which is westward expansion

  2. demicritic says:

    Manifest Destiny was the idea that God wanted the American people to go West; westward expansion was the result of the idea.

  3. Hahnemannian says:

    No, not really. Westward expansion was the physical movement out west. Manifest destiny was the belief that the U.S. was destined to move out west. Some even considered some type of Divine destiny. You are comparing actual vs. theoretical.