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Which STAR TREK movie sould i compare to 1984?

I'm writting an essay where I have to compare george orwells 1984 to any star trek movie. Its supposed to be a comparison of themes. I think next generation has a moment where picard is forced to think there are 5 instead of 4 lights but I'm not sure. I'd watch all the star treks myself but I don't have the time.Thanks a lot in advance!

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  1. triceria says:

    Superficially, there aren’t too many similarities between Orwell’s view of the future and Rodenberry’s view. Orwell’s view was a bleak and totalitarian version while Rodenberry’s was supposed to be a utopia. However if you look deeper at the Star Trek world, there are surprisingly many common characteristics to both societies. For instance, Big Brother is always watching in the Orwell world, and as you can see in the Undiscovered Country that you cannot fire a phasor without setting off an alarm. So even in Star Trek Big Brother is always watching BB seems even more intrusive. As a matter of fact, since internal sensors are always recording. You could almost pick any movie, but I would say Undiscovered Country would be a good one.

  2. hinterm says:

    Tough one.. i would suggest you watch First Contact. The links to 1984 will be pretty thin but its the only ‘Movie’ with the ‘Borg’ who’s society closely resembles a dystopia. Although its obviously dumbed down the Borg are a collection of repressed races that have been indoctrinated to the ‘Collective’ and while the’re actions are controlled and thoughts monitored they do (somewhere) retain their original persona.Theres a slightly room 101′ish moment where the Queen (i know.. i know) offers the android Data the chance to conform to the Borgs doctrine of his own free will (or the illusion of his own free will).. yeah its pretty tenuous but its all ive got.Good luck with your essay.