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Describe your academic/professional goals: scholarship essay. Is this okay? >250 words, I’m at 324?

I have several academic and professional goals that will result in my success in a future career and in life in general. Firstly, my immediate goal is to finish high school while maintaining or improving my GPA and my class rank. My next goal is to move on to college, where I plan on having an above-average GPA in order to get accepted into my first choice four-year university where I can continue my education. I’ve learned that the more education a scholar receives, the greater likelihood of a more successful career there is. Because of this, my ultimate academic aspiration is to earn a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in International Justice. While pursuing this degree, another goal of mine is to study abroad in order to be immersed in another culture, and to see how I react when I am out of my comfort zone. Since middle school, I’ve always had a plan for my future that involved the criminal justice field. My professional ambition is to make a difference in criminal justice, on a national level, and I’m going to achieve that goal by becoming a counterterrorism analyst at the Department of Homeland Security. This is my ultimate long-term goal because it is a rewarding career that grants satisfaction when there is a job well done. For years, I’ve thought of how I can make a difference in making the world a safer place. I’ve found my niche in the criminal justice field, and I know exactly what I want to do with my education. Achieving my academic goals will put me on track to attaining my professional goals. This will ultimately lead to having the career of my dreams, and being able to make a positive impact on society as a whole. I have ambitious goals, but I know I will achieve them through a good education, because education is the foundation of success.

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  1. endognathal says:

    u mite wanna spruce it up a bit more actually, like sit down with a thesaurus and replace some words with other which have more of a professional look to it, for example, instead of saying “I’ve always had a plan for my future…” try putting in “I’ve always aspired to be invovled in the criminal justice field.” also , instead of saying “… and i’m going to achieve that goal…”, say “and i hope to achieve that goal…” and ill give u another example, instead of saying “For years, I’ve thought of how I can make a difference in making…” say, “For many years, I have considered ways in which I may be able to create a difference in making the world…” If i had a couple of hours with that essay i could change it completely level wise, but i cant rlly do that, its ur job. But i hope i helped, btw im in grade 11 :D