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Does anyone have stories of a bad mountain climbing experience?

I am doing an English essay on the positive and negative aspects of climbing mountains, in particular, Mount Everest. I need some first hand accounts on what bad experiences people have had on the mountains

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  1. platen's says:

    i climb the heights of the mountains everyday if possible through meditative prayers…by attending daily masses with the nuns near our house….they have oral meditative prayers which they kindly welcome you to participate, and maybe touched by the Holy Spirit, I seem to get the right pitch with them when they sing…it is really a conditioning of body and soul within….

  2. awuolle says:

    I was roped to my buddy while on a glacier in Alaska. He fell into a crevasse to the right. I saw the rope playing out and knew he was going to pull me in, too, so I had to jump into the crevasse on the left. About 15 feet down I hit the end of my rope. I was tangled up and upside down. I couldn’t get out without cutting the straps of my pack. It’s still down there somewhere. we climbed up and reached the outside at about the same time. Some pulled muscles, scrapes and bruises, but thankfully not too bad. with half of our stuff lost, we headed back down.

  3. isoimmunize says:

    Well, I haven’t any any “big mountain” experiences, which maybe what you’re looking for, but I did once fall down a steep icy slope for approximately 700′ before coming to a stop. I was fortunate, my partner wasn’t. He eventually had to be airlifted out of the mountains. But what happened to another climbing party the next day after the airlift (which I met while collecting equipment from our campsite) was even worse—they climbed the same route against my advice, and got caught in an avalanche, eventually leading to a death. It’s a long story, but it’s only in the local High Sierras. But it was a sobering experience for me.

  4. stylohyal says:

    climbing a mountain, i almost slid off the side, to my death, luckily there was a shrub right by the ledge i almost fell off of.

  5. margents says:

    A dear friend of mine, a world-class mountaineer, was killed in a rock and ice avalanche in the Himalayas (Nanga Parbat in Pakistan, not Everest.) Though he was an expert climber and it was a well-equipped expedition, an unusually warm weather system melted the ice in the cracks behind a huge stone buttress and it cracked off, crushing a campsite they had set up high on the mountain and killing my friend and another climber. I have done some mountaineering myself and it is very exhilarating — the beauty of the landscape, the comradeship of your fellow climbers, the physical and mental challenge. But there are always dangers over which you can have no control in that kind of environment. In fact, I have known 8 people personally during my lifetime who died in mountaineering and climbing accidents. Though it is always tragic when it happens, it is a chance you take. My friend may have died young (he was only 36) but at least he died doing what he loved best in life.