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I need an essay on ” school violence”?

Please help.. this is due tomorrow

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  1. filterer says:

    You don’t have to create a comprehensive presentation on this subject, just ONE well-expressed opinion based upon personal experience/observation.Is this for English (rather than Sociology or Social Studies)? If so, then some of your grade will be based on facts, or how informative the content is. Most of your score will likely be based upon how clearly the reader ‘feels’ what you’re saying, along with the usual expectations of essay presentation (Intro, Body, Conclusion, supporting facts, opening attention-getter: a question is always good there even like, ‘have you ever witnessed or been the victim of school violence…’)Think of when you’ve witnessed or experienced violence in school…perhaps your reaction to a fight or other similar disturbing situation is something you can draw upon to reflect your PERSONAL opinions on. Essays which have a clear ‘voice’ are great to read, compared to those which are merely verbose (overly wordy) for the sake of making the thing longer.After you determine what you’d like to talk (write) about, if you get stuck, remember our Little Helpers:who? (is involved-victim, perpetrator, observers, intervention)what? (happened exactly)when? (did it occur)where? (location-if it was a fight, did it travel, those can move fast)why? (long time enemies-misunderstanding-racial or other rights violation)how? (weapons, fists, martial art, objects @ hand) [external link] … [external link] …Make it an enjoyable piece to produce, you shouldn’t have to sweat blood to express your mind. Think of it as a long note to a friend in class, that is, make it casual and personal enough. [external link] … [external link] …Very best wishes, I hope once you get an idea and get started, you’ll become excited over your creative expression. It’s a fabulous accomplishment to see the finished product: a little slice of your soul!

  2. clamb says:

    Try bullying and cyber-bullying as a main topic. Cover racism, sexism and descrimination if it comes down to it.