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Help on ” Why was slavery abolished? ” ESSAY!?

I need to do an 800 word or more essay about why slavery was abolished? I have to include the industrial revolution, huge population growth, transport growth eg ships, travel etc, more imports and exportshow slavery happened? what slavery was? all about the triangle of trade, the middle passage, slave auctions, life on plantations? all about the abolitionists and examples and what they believed slavery was about? i have to introduce my essay and reach a conclusion? can someone help me on how i should set it out? anything really? thanks :) x

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  1. yampa says:

    william wilberforce is the big person that got slavery from africa abolished however if your talking about Barbey slaves (white slaves) they were stopped when the french killed all the pirates capturing and selling white slaves.

  2. goldnet says:

    Here’s a link :] [external link]

  3. sf-type says:

    The people you need to study re the abolition of slavery, are the Methodists, of which William Wilberforce MP was a member and a friend of the Reverend John Wesley MA.William Wilberforce MP campaigned throughout his parliamentary career to abolish the slave trade. His private member’s BILL to abolish the slave trade was finally passed in the House of Commons in 1807.WILLIAM WILBERFORCE MP [external link] …Here is a link to the last letter ever written by the Reverend John Wesley MA to William Wilberforce MP. [external link] …Here is a rousing hymn by Charles Wesley, brother of the Reverend John Wesley MA. [external link] …Charles Wesley wrote in all some 7,000 Hymns for the Methodists.METHODISTThere are still an estimated 21 million slaves worldwide.FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT

  4. vapoury says:

    start of with what your essay is about, and list all of the reason you will be looking into, then create a paragraph for each reason sayin how it contributed to the abolition of slavery and saying how much of an impact you think it had mayb, then in conclusion say which contributed the most and why, personly i thought it was on morale grounds but i dont rely know. good luck anyway